Production of punches and dies

Production of punches and dies

We are able to produce for you any punch, die, stamp or press marking tool.

We produce:

  • punches
  • dies
  • stamps
  • press marking tools
  • dies for thermal marking
  • embossing dies
  • reaction plates
  • other tools and equipment for stamping

We can produce punch in the shape of letters, numbers, logos or other complex graphics using high-engraving technology and your graphical data (CAD data, technical drawings, sketches, photos ...).

They are made punches of all sizes, shapes, arrangement, or segments, rotary punches, interchangeable stamping blocks from high quality steel (we use material according to customer requirements - or we recommend more suitable), It allows with the processing style a perfect marking, accuracy and durability.

We also provide stamping or embossing for our customers directly in our company.

Under all circumstances, we try to shorten delivery time to minimum and to observe all production procedures and standards according to ISO 9001:2008. We deliver stamping tools throughout Europe and our customers have relied on our quality since 1993.


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