In-house development

In-house development

We have been working continuously on the development of our facilities and procedures associated with them to help expand our product portfolio and to streamline our processes.  

Therefore, our application laboratory is equipped, among others, with a large variety of different laser sources and types, but also with extensive accessories to help  accelerate the development of applications.

Here are a few of the many points we have been dealing with in our application laboratory:

  • enhancement of laser marking and laser welding
  • tuning of laser technologies for optimum output
  • development of new technological processes for the processing of materials (laser processing)
  • research of laser marking variants
  • testing of various types of materials and marking possibilities
  • development of devices and their construction

If necessary, we are able to ensure capillary tests or external tensile, torsion and vibration testing (in case of welds) etc.

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