Laser technology

Classification of laser applications (marking, welding, cutting, etc.), as well as classification of laser technologies (fibre, diode, CO2 lasers, etc.) and selected complex projects, including a range of our training courses.

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Dot peen marking systems

It is intended for immediate and permanent marking of straight, uneven, curved, and cylindrical parts from various materials, with all kinds of texts, logos, 2D codes (datamatrix), and serial numbers. We offer both pneumatic and electric dot marking systems.

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Stamps, punches and die sets

Choose from several variants and sizes of our machine punches designed to fit into a holder for automatic or manual stamping, or choose from several types of hand punches to mark individual uppercase letters and numbers. We offer both standard and custom made punches.

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Stamping systems

Stamping systems - impact markers are the fastest and most effective type of markings that a customer can incorporate into their production lines or use them as desktop, manually operated systems. They also have the best price / performance ratio. The disadvantage is the inability to often change of the symbols.

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Simple form of marking

If there is any need of quick and easy identify material, this form of marking is the easiest and most economical option. From hand markers to pneumatic engraving pen.

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