Precise laser cutting

Precise laser cutting

Laser cutting simply involves using a focused laser beam for cutting a wide variety of materials with high levels of accuracy, repeatability and clean-cut contours.


Lintech offers precision and very accurate laser cutting. Laser cutting simply involves using focused laser beam for cutting a wide variety of materials with high level of accuracy, repeatability and clean contour cut. This is a process where the cutting can be carried out even on thinnest materials. Our technology is able to make the most complex shapes and products from various materials with varying thickness. Areas of use and types of materials, which can be cut, are, therefore, very broad. The accuracy of cut and its quality is the main domain of laser cutting. Thanks to our immediate response, superior knowledge of the technology and the speed of the machine, we are able to deliver cut pieces in very short delivery times.

Examples of use:

Fields of use: electro-chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, health care, energetics and nuclear power production, arms production, telecommunication, model-making, production of watches, jewellery and design items etc.

Practical use: mechanical and machine parts, support and spacer elements, plotters, steam metal masks, contact elements, micro tools and knives, shielding, metal stencils, metal sheets for transformer cores, transformer-contacts, contact pens, panels and control elements, measuring equipment and measuring instruments, etc.

Processed materials: We are able to process prototypes, piece, as well as serial components – precise-cut shapes. Thanks to the use of special pneumatic clamping, we are able to cut metal foils, plotters and metal sheets with the thickness of 0.025 mm – 2 mm. Repeatable and position accuracy is up to 0.01 mm. We keep stock of materials of various chemical composition, thickness and surface finish for cutting and subsequent production. We process materials such as stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminium, copper, metal alloys, gold, silver and other precious and non-ferrous metals.

We are able to process supporting documents for production directly from printed technical documentation, transferring them into electronic form, or read them directly in electronic form in CDR, PDF, DWG, DXF, JPG, and other formats.

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