VIDEO: New custom-designed laser device

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VIDEO: New custom-designed laser device

We received a request to modernize the tool description line. Specifically, it was a description of drills of various sizes.

In our application laboratory, we first tested the feasibility of the application and tuned the given laser description to the required speed. A 20W pulse laser was chosen as the most suitable laser in terms of price / performance.

In the next step, we designed a tailor-made solution for the customer. We chose a laser station with a turntable to ensure the efficiency of the operator's work. In one step, the tools are described and at the same time new tools are created by the operator from the other side of the carousel.

We must also highlight our work as programmers who have created a user environment in the same spirit as the customer uses in the rest of production. The data for individual descriptions are filled in from a central product database, which the customer has had in place for many years. Production is entered using a reader, which the operator reads the guides to individual orders.

Another feature is the joystick, which the operator of the laser machine moves to the position of the description. The foundation jig is also atypical, which was also designed and manufactured in the so-called in house. The jig is adjustable and can be used to insert tools of various diameters and sizes.

Of course, the machine does not lack safety features such as safety barriers and camera control.


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