Demonstration of laser welding of plastics

Demonstration of laser welding of plastics

Welding of plastics as a method of permanent joining of plastic parts is a frequently used industrial method. Although welding of plastic components is performed using several types of methods, it is increasingly used for laser welding.

The so-called transmission method is most often used during welding, where one plastic is "overlaid" by another (plastics lie on top of each other, the upper piece overlaps the lower one). The upper plastic transmits laser radiation to the lower layer and there, at the transition of both materials, the beam is absorbed. The inserted heat melts the lower layer, subsequently after conduction also the upper layer and under pressure the melts are mixed leading to welding of parts.

The main advantages of laser welding compared to conventional methods of electric arc fusion welding (MIG / MAG, TIG) are:
higher processing speed
lower thermal influence of joined materials
higher economy of the process
possibility of welding even in positions with limited access to the welding site
easy automation and precise control of the welding process

Welds made with laser technology from LINTECH maintain a very high design level and are often difficult to notice at all. Because the thermal effect is very local in nature, it can be performed near electronic components without damaging them.

Take a look at our demo and see for yourself that we are experts in the field of laser technology.


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