Continuous fiber laser

Continuous fiber laser

What are fiber lasers?

An optical fiber, doped with Ytterbia element, is pumped by laser light-emitting diodes creating an active laser surrounding. Light pumped from a laser diode generates more energy in the fiber. This energy is then accumulated and comes out of the fiber in the form of a reinforced laser beam. The beam is created from many optical fibers beams to achieve higher performance. The beam passes through other optical components, with adjustment an option, and finally emerges through deflection mirrors into the work area.

The average output beam energy is close to the value in continuous mode. That is why the radiation has a more linear characteristic than a pulsed one. The energy does not radically accumulate and the system has a consistent power.

Continuous fiber laser advantages:

  • excellent laser beam quality, M²<1,1
  • excellent for integration into production lines
  • high power
  • high stability of + / - 1%
  • designed for 24 hour continuous operation
  • lowest operation costs
  • high reliability
  • minimal  power loss
  • long life of excitation diodes (up to 400 thousand hours)
  • warranty possible of up to 5 years (approx. 40 thousand hours in 3-shift operation)
  • compact
  • low power consumption

We can suply continuous fiber lasers from 50 - 400W.

These lasers are 100 % duty cycle.

Continuous fiber laser applications include:

  • laser cutting - metals, most plastics, ceramics, 2D/3D custom semi-shapes, thin metals, reflective materials
  • laser welding – metals, plastics
  • laser marking
  • bending and annealing by heat
  • micromachining
  • surface texturing

Fiber lasers are used in the automotive, engineering, consumer, plastics, electronics, jewelry and other industries. As well as in medicine, printing, watch making, telecommunications etc.

According to customer requirements it is possible to offer customised solutions for any workplace or provide individual single-purpose machine.

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