Anodized aluminium

Anodized aluminium

Anodized coating of aluminium is already a well-established method of metal protection from external effects. However, this is not the only reason why this method of coating is applied. Since it is possible to anodize a wide variety of colours, aluminium is used commonly as a design modification of this metal not only for advertising purposes.

We are able to engrave these types of surfaces using our crystal and fibre lasers to reveal the underlying layer of anodized colour, which, in most cases, is almost white. If necessary, we are able to remove the upper layer up to the aluminium completely. This way of marking and engraving is distinguished by its high speed and it is possible to render more complex shapes and drawings on the material.

Upon customer‘s request, it is possible to use a special type of LLS-F20P EP laser to achieve heat effect on the anodized aluminium even without evaporation. Setting specific frequency and power, we are able to write on the surface in the shades of grey and black. The process is longer than the engraving of anodized aluminium but, in some cases, better design is achieved without disrupting the top layer of the product.


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