Pedestal version

Pedestal version

MagicPin 100 T

If you want to mark easy manipulated products, the MagicPin 100 T is the right vote for you. This marking system is financially accessible alternative to our professional machines. We can carry out high qualited marking of different designs of (almost) all materials.
  • pneumatic version
  • 100 x 100 mm marking possible
  • dimensions of the marking head (l x w x h 188 x 207 x 141 mm)
  • dimensioned for 24 hours working
  • excellent power to price ratio
  • easy software using
  • low purchase and operation costs
  • low maintenance demands

This equipment is ideal for small plants and is ready for immediate marking of required products.


Micro-impact system, table version

Micro-impacts PinMark are mostly suitable for small series and individual pieces. This profi version is dimensioned for 24 hours working. Due to robust and compact construction technology is possible to produce very punctual inscriptions on products and components by low operation costs.
Dimensions of the marking head (l x w x h):
  • 30 x 50 mm / 300 x 250 x 450 mm
  • 50 x 100 mm / 335 x 330 x 460 mm
  • 80 x 140 mm / 471 x 350 x 507 mm
  • pneumatic version
  • compact and industrial design
  • robust construction
  • possibility of high speed marking
  • low operation costs
  • low maintenance demands
  • reliability in the most demanding working operation

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