Varioscan is an optical component designed for the dynamic refocusing of the laser beam. It contains a linearly moving lens. Using its current position, the laser beam is refocused at different heights. The maximum size of the refocusing distance is approx. ± 15 mm when using the F-theta lens with the focusing distance f = 160 mm.

Varioscan is located in the laser head between the deflection head and the collimated output of the laser source radiation. It is controlled through cooperation of special electronic units and the control card. Varioscan is then programmed by SCAPS laser software with an interface, capable to work in 2,5D space.

It is suitable for marking of inclined or uneven surfaces or surfaces with different heights, which can be marked by lasers with a refocusing unit in a single step without moving the laser bench or the marked piece.


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