Application testing

Application testing

We offer testing customer’s samples and applications in our laboratories.

Thanks to having all types of laser sources of various powers, we are able to fine-tune your application to make it most effective, i.e. as fast as possible with best possible results.

Therefore, we need one piece, ideally at least five pieces, of the product for sufficient surface area for testing the application.

Of course, it always depends on the type of application, as well as on the type of material and its surface treatment.

Usually, the customer obtains a range of test results together with the comparison of all test attempts and then chooses the most effective one.

The customer chooses either according to the quality of the description, or the time consumption of the application or the financial cost of the project or choses to compromise among all three. 

The range is very wide and there are many project solutions.

Here are some laser applications:

  • testing of marking with different colours on stainless steel
  • day and night marking of buttons for automotive
  • trimming fabric carpets for cars
  • welding of car rear reflectors
  • mark by contrasting descriptions of  plastic tags for livestock
  • quick marking of cables in flight during unwinding
  • marking of zircons with descriptions invisible to the naked eye etc.

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