New in LINTECH application laboratory - 300 watt pulsed laser

In order to remain competitive at LINTECH, we continuously invest in technical equipment of our own application laboratory. Thanks to it, we are able to demonstrate on prototypes the entire process of technology integration and the functionality and efficiency of the machine under development. At the same time, we offer our customers a wide range of tests to verify the utility properties of the incorporated materials and the feasibility of laser applications. This time we have expanded our existing technological equipment with a 300 Watt nanosecond laser system from Trumpf.



VIDEO: Laser cleaning of copper contacts

By laser cleaning copper strips laminated in plastic, we efficiently prepared the copper conductors for contact using a low power CO2 laser. The application takes up to 5 seconds and involves removing the laminate while extracting the fumes. Thanks to the deflecting laser head, the position remains stable, and the slightly sealed edges of the cleaned area do not affect the contact function.



VIDEO: Automated stations for assembly and laser welding of plastics

One of LINTECH's specialties is the design and construction of automated stations tailored to customer requirements. A recent project was the design and construction of two fully automated stations for processing a specific type of valves used in truck cooling systems. These stations were created based on unique customer requirements and integrated into an existing production line.

The first station was designed to assemble and weld a plastic ring to the valve body. The complex system uses a vibrating tray for precise ring orientation. The part is then rotationally welded. The second station focuses on the assembly and welding of the spool to the valve and has also been tailored to individual customer requirements.


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