Protection glasses

Protection glasses

Laser safety goggles are an essential tool for protection against laser radiation, especially against laser radiation of higher classes, which can have significantly detrimental effects on human vision.

Laser goggles are similar to ordinary glasses, consisting of filters and frames. Both parts must meet the required protective factor, as it is necessary to prevent the beam from reaching the eyes, if possible from all directions. Protective filters are made from glass or plastic.

The protective factor of laser goggles is given in a qualitatively similar indications: LB and OD >.

The protective factor indicates the three basic data determining the necessary level of protection from the particular laser. In most cases, protective goggles are suitable for several laser systems of various parameters.

The letter before the factor indicates the type of laser device operation to which the factor applies. There are 4 different letters for 4 modes of operation:

D:          continuous lasers (CW) for exposure times longer than 0,25 s

I:            impulse lasers with puls length between 1 ms a 0,25 ms

R:          pulsed lasers with pulse length between 1 ns and 1 ms

M:          pulsed lasers with pulse length shorter than 1 ns


The second part of the factor is formed by the wavelength of the laser radiation, to which the protection applies, and it is usually given in nanometres.

The third part indicates the protection class itself as a number in the range of 1-10. It describes the effectiveness of the attenuation of the laser power density or energy while passing through the filter. The effect of the attenuation increases with the size of the protection class. Each grade of the protection class then indicates a 10 times greater attenuation of the density.

Protective goggles factor designated as DIR 1050 - 1400 LB5 therefore indicates that the goggles have a protective class 5 for continuous, impulse and pulsed lasers with a wavelength ranging between 1050 and 1400nm.

Please note that the above-mentioned parameters only serve as a basis for calculating appropriate goggle type. Accurate calculation is affected by many other parameters, e.g. the size of the working spot.

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