Green laser

Green laser

A green laser is basically a diode laser. It uses a shorter wavelength of generated radiation (green light spectrum).It is thereby possible to halve the wavelength (532nm) enabling the marking of difficult to inscribe materials when using standard infrared light (1064nm). It is possible to acheive an even shorter wavelength (ultraviolet spectrum) by frequency multiplication. The characteristics of green lasers make it very suitable for the inscription of plastics that have a low content of additives.

Green laser advantages:

  • excellent performance stability
  • excellent integration into production lines
  • suitable for a wider spectrum inscription
  • optimal energy distribution in the output laser beam
  • excellent beam quality
  • high performance 532 nm in the Q-switch full frequency range

Laser emission in the green frequency range presents following advantages:

  • possible to mark plastics without using 1064 nm infrared wavelength
  • the high absorption coefficient of semiconductor materials (like silicon) makes this source ideal for marking, drilling and engraving plates
  • the higher absorption coefficient of semiconductor material used for solar cells
    makes this source ideal for photo-electric applications (thin film removal)
  • the small diameter of the beam´s trace results in a very small area affected by heat

We supply green lasers (4W, 10W).


Examples of green laser applications:

  • marking of normally difficult to inscribe plastic materials
  • engraving solar cells
  • drilling semiconductor plates
  • inscribing electronic components

Green lasers are the most common in the electronics industry.

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