CO2 laser

CO2 laser

CO2 lasers provide an effective non-contact method for cutting and marking a wide variety of plastics, organic materials, fabrics, leather, wood and laminates. The wavelength of a CO2 laser is longer than that of a diode lasers and is very effectively absorbed by these materials. The absorbed energy is converted to heat and the heat removes material directly in the laser track. Due to its radiation characteristics and its wavelength CO2 lasers more suitable for labelling macromolecular structures and organic materials (wood, leather, paper, etc.). The beam does not interact with materials such as metal.

In the case of CO2 lasers the radiation is created by using lamps filled with a combination of rare gases and CO2 gas. After about 10,000 hrs. of operation it is necessary to change the lamp because the active medium degrades.

CO2 lasers in industry are used most often for cutting. The advantage is narrow and clean cut, which ensures minimal thermal effect on the surrounding material.


CO2 laser advantages:

  • excellent integration into production lines
  • cost effective
  • easy operation
  • compact
  • minimal maintenance
  • rapid labeling

We supply CO2 lasers (10 - 75W).

Examples of CO2 laser applications:                                      

  • laser marking - plastics, glass, ceramics, giftware, packaging in the food industry or logistics
  • laser cutting - plastics, wood, cloth and leather, natural materials

CO2 lasers are used in the food, electronic and packaging industries

According to customer requirements it is possible to offer customised solutions for any workplace or provide individual single-purpose machine.

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