Laser plastics welding

Laser plastics welding

Modern laser thermoplastic welding is an advanced method for high-speed production with high weld quality. It is fast and precise, with almost no waste product. The result is a perfect weld barely visible to the eye. It allows material construction with minimal degradation of properties unlike conventional welding methods. Laser plastics welding minimises thermal and mechanical loads for the workpiece.

Laser plastics welding advantages:

  • contactless welding
  • high weld quality
  • greater depth of penetration
  • targeted, small and well localized thermal load
  • high productivity
  • good surface appearance
  • easier automation possible
  • welding at high temperatures
  • 3D contours possibility (high flexibility)
  • non-visible weld boundary
  • wear-resistant weld 
  • very flexible

Main application areas are automotive, mechanical, electronic  industries.

Other use examples of transparent plastic welding:

  • welding a wide range of plastic components
  • combining transparent and absorbative thermoplastic (eg. back multicolored car lights from PMMA / ABS, car fittings from PC / ABS, pump housings, bumpers, electronic control systems)
  • highly sensitive electronic components
  • car fuel tanks


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