Standard steel is one of the most widely used metals in industry, especially thanks to its favourable price, durability and versatile properties. It is often used in automotive industry for chassis, as well as motorcycle frames or for cookware and household appliances.

Marking a car’s production identification number (VIN) is used in automotive industry for tracking vehicles and parts in the manufacturing process. The aim is to create a legible marking, which cannot be removed mechanically. To improve traceability, letter with special fonts and specific parameters can be used to create wider grooved labels. Deep engraving of steel often forms scaling and blackening around the marked inscription. However, this product is intended for warming of specially shaped attachments that can be used for permanent imprints of a pre-defined relief into the surface. It is very simple to adjust the laser to clean the marked piece up to the final desired shape.

Stainless steel

Special and probably the most widely used type of steel is the stainless steel. Thanks to its universal characteristics, it is used across all sectors. From food industry for cookware, to functional and design elements of cars in the automotive industry. Even though stainless steel is a hard metal, it can be marked easily. Moreover, by setting the laser beam we are able to mark clean stainless steel in various colours without using any additional material. Descriptions of various colours can be achieved in various colours, as well as many design images. Based on the requirement for stability of the marking, especially during stress caused to the stainless steel during use. It is  also possible to weld stainless very easily and quickly.  


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