Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting technology can divide materials very accuratelyincluding fragile or easily deformed materials. Complicated shapes and high quality cuts can be made thanks to the fine control ability of the laser beam.

High power-CO2solid state (fiber, diode) lasers are used for cutting and drilling according to the application needs. In these cases power values are between hundreds to thousands watts.

Cutting of material is done by three stages: direct material combustion, material melting away from the cut with the removal of the subsequent resulting melt assisted by gas mass evaporation.

Metal sheets and several mm thick plates can be cut.


Laser cutting advantages:

  • small cut width
  • small area affected by heat
  • possible to cut complex shapes
  • cost efficient for small batches
  • quality cutting edges
  • very precise shapes possible
  • very precise energy control possible


It is possible to cut a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass and others.

Laser cutting technology is used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and in manufacture in general.

Continuous fiber laser 50 - 400W (OEM version) delivery:

  • made from high reliability components
  • excellent laser beam quality (M2 <1.1)
  • specially shaped laser beam
  • precise pulse energy selection 


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