Fully portable hand machine DOT5-sp

Fully portable hand machine DOT5-sp

Fully portable, hand-held version of Berma Dot5-sp brings a big advantage of absolute freedom of movement. No hoses or cables, no external control units. The device is powered by a 24 V battery from the German manufacturer AP akkupower.

Compared to machines offered by our competitors, our hand-held device uses the strongest battery, which enables greater power of stroke, therefore also deeper marking, as well as longer battery life. The machine can be operated directly on the control panel on the device comprising of a keyboard and a display, or through via a PC connection to user-friendly Identify software (supplied with the machine).

Thanks to its sturdy construction and metal covering this machine is also suitable for industrial use and can be used with a stand into which the device can be easily clamped to achieve a combined version (hand-held and benchtop).

Marking field size 80x50 mm


  • Sturdy construction and metal covering
  • A thorough separation of electronic and mechanical parts
  • Control panel directly on the body of the device
  • 24V battery, the strongest on the Czech market
  • Fully portable device without supply cables and hoses
  • Easy setup of all marking parameters



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